Parents Against Predators
Parents Against Predators

About Us

Our Mission

To bring awareness  to parents in our communities by providing information on registered sex offenders locally and worldwide.

Vision Statement

Encouraging  the exchange of information and ideas and recognizing that we all learn from one another. Educating children and let them know it is okay to tell if you are being abused in anyway.


  • Annually approximately 1.5 million children are abused.
  • Yearly 350,000 sexual related crimes are reported
  • 1-3% of American children experience child abuse/neglect each year.
    • Types of abuse:
      • Physical Abuse: 200,000
      • Negligence: 800,000
      • Sexual Abuse: 60,000
  • The abusers are: Related Caregivers:90%, Boyfriend of Mother: 5%, Unrelated Babysitter: 4%, Sibling of child: 1%
  • Approximately 60,000-70,000 sexual offense are committed against minors under the age of 18.

Characteristics of an abused child

  • Demanding, difficult behavior
  • Decreased level of functioning
  • Hyperactivity
  • Intellectual ability equal or the above the parent.
  • Usually less than 5  years of age.
  • Boys is physically abused more than girls.

Roughly 500, 000 previous sex offenders were released and are housed within the city nationwide.

Residency status of more than 100,000 convicted sex offenders are unknown to Authorities, Law Enforcement, and Local Law Enforcement.

Bringing awareness to our communities is the best answer to keeping your nearest and dearest out of harms way.

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